– Academic Activities

Future Kidz International School students participate in a variety of academic activities throughout the school year. These activities include student assemblies, library and literacy activities, World Environment Day, World Health Day, etc..

– Performing and Fine Arts

Future Kidz International School encourages students to participate in performing and fine arts events to build confidence and exercise creativity.

– Sports

Our students engage in a variety of sports programs and activities. Future Kidz International School sports teams have won a number of inter-school and national level competitions, especially in badminton and football.

– Holidays and Celebrations

Future Kidz International School is filled with many different activities that students can participate in.

During our annual Christmas Show, students sing, dance, act, speak, and play in bands. Parents are invited to watch their child perform.

Our school also celebrates many national holidays. We believe it is important that overseas students understand the traditions and cultures of the country in which they are living and that Myanmar students appreciate and understand their own traditions.

– Field Trips

Future Kidz International students attend educational field trips to broaden their learning experiences. These field trips and activities also serve to strengthen friendship between students and teachers, and build school spirit.