Dress Code:

The dress code for Future Kidz International School is casual smart. Students are free to wear what they feel comfortable in, as long as it is clean and neat.
For social and cultural reasons we encourage our students to wear clothing that is generally accepted by local standards and discourage brightly colored hair, extreme haircuts and very short skirts or shorts.


Please help ensure your children are on time for school each day. We believe that learning punctuality is a valuable and important skill for young people to acquire in preparation for adulthood.

Electronic Devices: 

While at school, we do not condone the use of mobile phones and other electronic devices. During school hours, even during lunch time, the use of electronic communication devices is prohibited, unless the student has prior permission from their teacher. We want to help the children to develop their social skills at every available opportunity.

Testing Procedures:

We consider it very important that all parents have a clear understanding of the testing procedures and results.

Here we want to clarify a few points about the regular tests the students take at the end of their study books for each of the required basic subjects. These are: Science, Social studies, Language Arts, Reading / Literature and Mathematics.

80% is the minimum passing grade for every one of these subjects. Consequently, anything under 80% means that the student failed the test. If a student scores 70-79%, it means that the student should restudy the subject that he / she did not fully understand. After restudying, the teacher can quiz the student verbally or with an alternative test, and upgrade the final score that will be recorded on the report card to 80%.

If a student scores below 70%, this indicates that the student has not thoroughly mastered the subject and should redo the entire Unit. Usually we will give the student extra homework on that subject.

All tests are done under direct supervision from the teachers.

School Leave: 

If your child needs to be absent from school for sick leave or any other valid reason, we request that parents please inform the school in advance. Please call the school no later than 8:30 a.m. when school starts.

Thank you for your cooperation.